How do I find out how much my website is worth?

10 Website Value Calculators (And How to Use Them)

There are lots of options available for website appraisal, from the spreadsheet calculator to dedicated tools and some require more information than others. Because of this, you’ll likely get some discrepancy between the results.

Try a couple of different calculators to get a good idea of your website value but bear in mind that any number is just a guide. A real buyer might offer more or less should you decide to sell.

How to use a Website Value Calculator

Website value calculators tend to work in a similar way, requiring you to enter certain information about your site to determine a guide value.

Here are a few examples of website value calculators that you can use to determine what your website is worth:

  1. Flippa
  2. Empire Flippers
  4. FitSmallBusiness
  5. Worth Of Web
  6. GoDaddy
  8. SiteWorthTraffic

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  1. Worth of Portal can be determine with what value could the portal can add to the users i think still i want to check my site worth Pmdigitalindia and Loktantranow one for the government scheme and the second for news related content.
    can you help me to calculate my site worth?
    Thanks in advance.


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